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My semen volume was very low. I used to cum once and then it was over for the rest of the night. Then I found cum pills on the internet and thought I should try it. I have tried a few different brands but Spermomax is the only one that gives me multiple orgasms and a really noticeable increase of sperm. I don’t feel awkward about my climaxes anymore. Thanks.
- Jeff Taylor, 29, London

Believe me, Spermomax really works! It not only increased my sperm volume, but also improved its flavor. While ordering, I was a little nervous about my girlfriend finding out! But the package looked so ordinary, she handed it over to me without even wondering what it was. I can't wait to surprise her!
- Roger Travis, 28, Houston


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Make More Cum with this all new, and all natural pill that increases the amount of sperm your body can produce. Allowing you to build up more cum and really unload during ejaculation. Spermomax's Cum Pills are a highly effective, safe, and healthy way to pump up your sperm volume.

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For men, increasing sperm gives a huge boost in confidence, libido, and gives you more satisfying sex. Increasing your sperm count and virility doesn't just feel good and give you more thrusting power. It's healthy for the prostate too!

Now you can increase your sperm count and semen volume with an all natural pill containing proven herbs and dietary supplements that raise male fertility, and a whole lot more.

A recent study conducted showed that men with a previous history of infertility, who made changes in their diet and took the same nutritional supplements included in Spermomax had an 80 percent success rate. Sperm pills have been scientifically developed by doctors and thoroughly tested in studies and clinical trials. Spermomax combines a variety of essential herbs which have been proven to effectively increase sperm production & semen quality.

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Information on a Healthy Sperm Count by the World Health Organization

The benchmark for a "normal" count is 20 million sperm per milliliter in a total semen volume of 2 ml. This equates to a total number of sperm per/sample of 40 million.

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Spermomax Top Quality Sperm Pills From New Zealand

Our sperm enhancement pills are made of the highest quality herbal and dietary supplements. These same elements are widely used in various alternative medicines. The herbal concentrates used in this formula are commonly used as a natural fertility booster. However these supplements are being used much more frequently for their ability to increase mens over all ejaculation amount.

The research conducted while formulating Spermomax was based on clinical trials conducted by Dr. David Sebastian. His conclusion proved the efficiency of these ingredients in helping men to raise sperm count, and increase their ejaculate volume. The reason that Spermomax is a breakthrough in the male health industry is because Spermomax solves the problem of inadequate semen volume, and does so much more.

Ejaculating more cum when you orgasm can definitely increase the pleasure you experience during sex, and Spermomax is the only male enhancement pill that can do all this. With absolutely no side effects.

Spermomax contains only the purest herbs and extracts which have shown profound results in increasing sperm volume and improving sexual performance. Spermomax has not only received the highest recommendations from the medical community, but also has successfully satisfied men and their spouses for over 8 years.

"Spermomax is a safe and effective supplement for treating low sperm count"

Dr. David Sebastian (M.D)

As a medical professional, in all my years of work and research on various sexual health issues, ‘low sperm count’ is pretty high on the list of problems that most men suffer today. Increasing sperm volume not only improves male libido. It also builds self-confidence in a man.
The ingredients present in Spermomax facilitate increased semen volume and ensure optimum prostate health. my research has shown noteworthy improvement in virility, stamina, and potency of men. Which results in better overall sexual satisfaction and a healthier love life. I recommend to all my patients. They should try taking Spermomax before considering a prescription medicine.

The Added Benefits of Spermomax

Although the main focus of Spermomax is to increase sperm count, the precise quantity and potency of the ingredients will also improve erectile function, staying power, and sex drive. Adding cum enhancer pills to your diet will result in a remarkable improvement in not only in your semen quality and sperm production, but boost your sexual performance and enable YOU to shoot massive cumshots just like the top porn stars!

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